about the artist


My name is Brooke Sauer. I live in Los Angeles, CA, I and spend a lot of time exploring in nature when I’m not working in the studio or teaching. I have exhibited with spaces such as LA Louver, the UCLA Hammer museum, and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions to name a few. I have been working as part of the collaborative duo, B&T, for over a decade, however in the past three years I have returned to my solo practice in painting and collage. In the past year I have been focusing on creating a rather large body of collage work that investigates a universal human relationship to nature and landscape through the surrealist lens of imagination space.

Regardless of what medium I employ, my work has a whimsical tone that explores my love and awe of nature. In the past year I have been creating a large collection of collages entitled, In Search of Treasure. In this ongoing series I explore the human relationship to landscape using mineral specimens as terrain to be contemplated, explored, enjoyed, and to inspire feelings of awe. I have often fantasized about shrinking down and adventuring over the surfaces of a really great rock I have found, and I wanted to express this fantasy through these surrealist moments that encourage the viewer to derive their own narrative, and place themselves in the tiny landscape that they see before them.

Thank you for taking the time to view my work.


A selection of Giclée prints of my paintings are available for purchase:


A rotating selection of original works are available here:


You can also message me if you are interested in purchasing anything else you see on this website.

thank you,


more about my collaborative art practice can be found here:


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