a little about me

With these works I identify with the natural world by exploring and learning about it first-hand, and reflecting on our symbiotic connection to it. I relate our human relationship to landscape as both a physical and metaphorical terrain to be contemplated, protected, and to inspire feelings of the sublime. Connectivity and eco-psychology are core concepts that drive my work, and I hope to inspire others to go outside and explore their own internal landscape as they interact with and observe nature.

The intimate and thoughtful moments portrayed in my work suggest that just as nature surrounds us, it is also within us. My unique cyanotypes are created by combining a very old photographic printing process (cyanotype), with my background in painting and my love of botany and nature.  Many of my artworks feature pressed plants that I collect while hiking and exploring. I refer to my botanical collection as a “nostalgic herbarium”, as they all hold a memory and a story of a wonderful feeling, a place, and the people I was with when I collected them. 

I have exhibited with spaces such as LA Louver, the UCLA Hammer museum, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, and the Los Angeles Freewaves Festival.  I have been published in print and online in a variety of publications. Previously working as part of the collaborative duo, B&T, for over a decade, I have returned to my solo practice in painting, printmaking, photography, and collage. Thank you for taking the time to view my work. Visit my Instagram for my newest work @Biminy.


A rotating selection of prints and original works are available here:



More about my collaborative art practice can be found here:



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