*a walk on the wild side*


This is just a small selection from my newest ongoing series which began in the summer of 2017 while I was a visiting artist in residence on the Greek island of Skopelos.  My unique hand painted cyanotypes are a blend of painting, collage, printmaking, and alternative photography. My work utilizes photographic imagery that I capture during my hikes, wanderings, and investigations of regional flora and fauna. With these works I strive to connect more deeply with the natural world around me, and learn about how native, non native, and invasive species coexist in both urban and wild landscapes. After years of working inside an art studio, this project gets me outside-wandering, exploring, and learning about the natural world first hand. Even my process utilizes the natural sunlight and water available to me to produce each unique and unpredictable piece.

01.Yosemite Dusk

 California Woodlands and Mountains

 Botanical Creatures

Botanical Silhouettes 


The Greek Islands