*beneath the leaves*

My unique cyanotype prints combine my background in painting with my love of botany. With these works I strive to connect more deeply with the natural world by reflecting on our symbiotic connection to nature, specifically plants. The intimate moments portrayed in my work suggest that just as nature surrounds us, it is also within us.

My prints are made from wild pressed plants that I collect while hiking and exploring. I refer to this compilation as my “nostalgic herbarium” as they all hold a memory and a story of a feeling, a place, and the people I was with when I collected them. In my most recent works, this nostalgia peeks out from time to time in my works in the form of a longing or introspectiveness on the part of the figures captured within, or perhaps a yearning for a new adventure.

To see some of my newest cyanotypes, visit my Instagram @Biminy

01.Yosemite Dusk

 *All prints feature a variety of wild plants from Southern California unless otherwise noted


Atmospheric Perspectives


Out In The Blue

The Wild Has No Words




All Flesh Is Grass 

Secret Garden  


 TropiCali     featuring a mixture of plants from the Yucatan and Southern California

 California Woodlands and Mountains   featuring images from my explorations of these areas

 Botanical Creatures   


The Greek Islands   featuring images from my explorations of these islands